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A new hybrid type of life insurance that combines the traditional death benefits of life insurance,  with the addition of Living benefit riders that enable the policy owner to access all, or a portion of the policy death benefits  while still living.   Thus the origin of the name, " Living Benefit Life. "
These living Benefit riders, or accelerated benefit riders, typically include benefits for a critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke, or Cancer and certain other conditions named in the policy.  They may also include benefits for a chronic illness like dementia, 

and, or a terminal illness.

Because You Love Them, You Bought  "Insurance Yesterday " . . .  Didn't You?

Protect your retirement with a Plan that can allow access to your life insurance death benefits while you are still living in retirement.  This unique

Living benefit feature can provide The additional supplemental income that may be needed in retirement to maintain the standard of living you are accustomed to.  The income obtained through activating these unique living benefits, makes this plan an ideal plan for protecting your future retirement Income.  "Allowing you to retire stronger and longer."

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Term Life Insurance quotes    

With Lowest Rate Guarantee.  

Term Life Insurance rates are set by the surance company

underwriting the term life insurance

plann and must be filed with and

approved by each State Department

of Insurance.  Therefore, rates cannot be altered by any agent, or agency.

This means that, regardless of any advertised claim  to the contrary, it is not possible to find a lower rate for the same insurance plan

 underwritten by the same insurance company, anywhere else. 

Protect Your Income.  It is your

most valuable asset, and the

very foundation of your future. 

Business Income Protection,

Business Overhead Protection,

Employee Income Protection Personal Paycheck Protection.

Tax Free Disability Income"

Protect your home.  It represents a stable environment for your children, as well as an equity building asset for you and your spouse.   However,  the

mortgage obligation on your home may be the largest single debt you will 

ever commit your family's future to.

"Leave a Deed, Not a Debt!"

 "Term VS. Whole Life Insurance"  -  Which is best?  The answer depends on your unique insurance needs. 

  Term, whole life, a combination of both, or Index Universal life may be the best solution.  We can compare

  different Term life Insurance rates and different Whole Life Insurance quotes that are provided by the most

  respected and reliable insurance companies, to enable you to find the most reasonable insurance rates for the

  plans that best fit your personal, or business insurance needs.

  We can help you protect your home, your family,  your business, your paycheck, and your retirement income 

  from life's unexpected and unfortunate circumstances that could otherwise prevent you from fulfilling your

  family's dreams,  and achieving your financial goals."

  Sincerely Yours,  

 Michael F. Kimble, Sr., CEO

 Natioal Producers Group, Inc. / dba US Insuranc Network, LLC.