Disability Insurance is

Pay Check Protection  to insure you will still receive an income while disabled.

                                       Protect Your HOME




Protect your Paycheck . . .  Your most valuable asset, with a Disability Income replacement insurance policy



We Don't just protect the incomes of Doctors, Lawyers, CPA's and CEO's. 

Disability Income Paycheck Protection is also available to protect the incomes of skilled professional:


Dental Hygienists, Farmers/Ranchers,

FirefightersEMTs, Government Employees, Housekeepers, Landscapers, Manufacturers, Mechanics, Nurses, Paramedics,

Pastors, Police Officers,

Postal Workers, Real Estate Agents, TeachersTruck Driversetc.

Secure Your PaychecK . . .   while you still can.   

On a statistically average day, 6000 people die and 19000 become uninsurable due to a newly diagnosed medical condition.   Find out how affordable Income protection for your family, or your business can be . . .   before it's too late.        

Think about it.    What enabled you to purchase your home, your car, or your boat in the first place?  

It's your paycheck !       it's your paycheck that will  allow you to keep them and your good credit rating. 

It's your paycheck that buys the groceries, and the kids clothes, and pays the electric bill, the cell phone bill, the cable bill.   it's your paycheck that will provide for your Retirement through contributions to your IRA, or 401K.    It's your paycheck that your children will most likely depend upon to some degree to fund their college or Trade school.         

What's MORE Valuable?

  or, (insert) More Important to you?

               your Home? 

                 your Car?


                YOUR BOAT? 

             YOUR BUSINESS?

   Your Family's Lifestyle? 

           Your credit rating?

             All the above? 

     Secure Your Paycheck