Disability Insurance is

Pay Check Protection  to insure you will still receive an income while disabled.

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Guaranteed Issue Life with  No questions asked  may also be available  in some states, if for some reason, your

"Easy Issue", no medical exam type Life Insurance policy is declined.

However, No questions asked,  Guaranteed issue life policies are limited to lower face amounts then simplified issue no medical exam policies, and the death benefit paid for death due to    an illness within the first two policy years is limited to return of all premiums paid, or all premiums paid plus interest earned at a specified interest as determined by the company. 

View why dignitypre-planning is the right thing to do.

Life Over 65 - Senior Whole life Rates for Seniors Age 50 to Over 65, including up to age 89

Whole LIFE Over 65


Life INSURANCe over 65

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Many companies now permit the application to be taken over the phone by a licensed agent, instead of face to face.  However, some companies still require an agent be physically present with the applicant at the time of the application.   

One insurance company however, allows applicants up to age 75, to get a quote and fill out their own application online without an agent visit

They then have a home office employee call the applicant to verify that the applicant provided the

information on the application and it is true and correct.  

If you would prefer this insurance company direct process, visit:  www.noagentvisit.comOr, Click Here.

 What is Burial Insurance?

 Final Expense Insurance?

 Senior Whole Life Insurance?

 Guaranteed Issue Life with 

 No questions asked may

 Also be available, if needed.

Years ago, burial insurance  was commonly sold by funeral homes, or by insurance companies with ties to a specific funeral home.   The burial insurance policy covered the services provided by the funeral home named  in the policy.  However, if the services were provided by a funeral home other than the one named in the policy, the benefits were extremely limited and did not come close to covering the cost of a funeral and burial.  

Fortunately, those types of policies are not permitted for sale today. 

Today, a true whole life insurance policy

is typically offered in increments of $1,000 up to $20,000, $30,000, $50,000, or in some cases even $100,000.  

Since it is commonly used by seniors for burial and final expense insurance protection, it is still commonly

referred to as Burial Insurance,  Final Expense Insurance,  Senior Life Insurance, or Easy Issue, No medical Exam Life Insurance.