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Living Benefit Term Life

Safe Harbor Term Life insurance - Express Issue with No Medical exam up to age 80.

Have you heard about Safe Harbor Term Life?  If you don't already own a Safe Harbor Term Life insurance Policy with Living Benefits, the answer to that question is most likely No.

Safe Harbor Term Life insurance with living benefits that can accelerate up to 95% of the traditional Term Life Death Benefit in the event of a covered Critical illness, Chronic Illness, or a terminal illness, is available without a physical exam.  This unique living benefit term life policy is available without a medical exam up to $400,000,

subject to age at issue.  The minimum policy available is $25,000 and the maximum age at issue is age 80.

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   L ife Insurance Rates are based on Age, and  Health history, so waiting  only Insures a higher rate

Living Benefit  -  Term  -  IUL  -  Whole Life:

A new hybrid type of life insurance that combines the traditional death benefits of life insurance with the addition of accelerated benefit riders that may enable the policy owner to access a portion of the death benefits while still living.  Thus the name Living Benefit Life.

These living Benefit riders, or accelerated benefit riders, typically include benefits for a critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke, Cancer and certain other conditions named in the policy.  They may also include benefits for a chronic illness, and or a terminal illness.

The triggering definitions for these conditions will vary between issuing insurance companies.  

In addition, some companies offer a partial acceleration, allowing the remaining death benefit to continue in force, or a total acceleration of benefits which would terminate the policy.

Compare  - Term LifE  -  INSURANCE RATES :

from top term life insurance companies.

up to $10,000,000.   Rates quoted are based on the rate class you select.  

Final issue rates may be higher, or lower

if your medical history warrants a

change in rate class.  

However, because insurance rates are fixed by law and cannot be altered by any insurance agent, or insurance agency, it is not possible to find a lower rate for the same insurance product, underwritten by the same insurance company anywhere.  

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