Disability Insurance is

Pay Check Protection  to insure you will still receive an income while disabled.

                                       Protect Your HOME







You know how much insurance you need.    You know how much premium you can afford.    You know how to get a quote online.  You know how to fill out an application, if you choose to do so.   Why do you need to visit with a Life Insurance Agent?   Maybe you don't.

However, if you get turned down online, or you can think of another reason to visit with a Life insurance agent, just email me with your contact information.  I will gladly be here during normal business hours to assist you in fulfilling your insurance needs.   Email:  mksr@usinet.us

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Business Owners, Dependent Children, Employee Benefits, Home Owners, Couples, Senior Citizens, and Singles

A little about me:

In September 1964,  after graduation and a memorable summer vacation,  I enlisted in the service and reenlisted in 1968.  I served nearly 8 years, including 30 months in Vietnam and was honorably discharged in July 1972.   

After my service,  I became a Prudential Insurance agent in October of 1972. 

After two award winning years at the Prudential,  I decided to become an independently contracted insurance agent. 

Because I have always believed that I could best fulfill my clients needs as an

independent agent, I have proudly remained so for over 40 Years.   

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